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Voting on the responses to your Open Ended question
Voting on the responses to your Open Ended question

Have your audience vote on the answers you've collected in an Open Ended slide for the ultimate brainstorming session.

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You can use Open Ended slides to hold brainstorming sessions with your audience. Participants can submit their answers normally, then they can vote on each other's submissions. Find more information on Open Ended slides here.

To activate this feature, simply check “Vote on Responses” within the Interactivity tab (and change the number of votes, if you wish):

You can choose how many votes each user can submit and whether or not those votes need to be on different options:

Once participants have submitted their responses, you can start the voting by pressing Enter or by clicking this button at the bottom of the slide:

Voting on responses with the Insights button

You can also activate voting on Open Ended slides using the Insights button.

Simply click on the Insights button in the bottom left corner, then select Vote:

Note that if you have enabled voting on responses on an Open Ended slide, you will not be able to set the presentation to Survey mode. Learn more about presentation pacing here.

If you get more than 11 responses, you can use AI to group them so that it's easier to get an overview. Learn how to use AI to group responses on your Open Ended question here.

Note that voting is also possible after having grouped the responses.

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