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Group responses to your Open Ended questions using AI
Group responses to your Open Ended questions using AI

Use AI tools to automatically group the responses to your Open Ended questions into thematic clusters.

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If your Open Ended questions get a lot of responses, it can be hard to get a clear overview of what your respondents have answered. Using AI tools, you can now group Open Ended responses in the presentation view once you get 11 or more submissions.

Answers will be grouped into thematic clusters, and a relevant name or label will be automatically assigned to give you an idea of what each cluster is about.

Opting in to AI grouping

Since this tool uses technology created by OpenAI, you or your workspace owner will first need to opt in to this feature and accept OpenAI as a subprocessor.

Free and single license Basic users will be able to do this themselves, while for Pro and Enterprise plans, this must be done by the subscription owner.

To opt in, toggle the Enable AI Features button. Free users without a team will find it in the Account Settings menu, while team workspace owners will find it in the Team Settings menu:

Once this is done, the button to create groups appears for all open-ended questions that receive more than 10 responses.

Grouping responses

Once you have received more than 10 responses in an Open Ended slide, a button will appear saying "Press Space to group responses":

Pressing this button or the Space key will activate the grouping feature, which will look like this while loading:

When done, the responses will appear in groups:

You can click on any group to view the responses it contains:

Groups will be clustered and a name or label will be assigned automatically. You can change group names manually, and you can also reassign responses to another group manually.

Note that the clusters will only be shown in the presentation view (not in the editor view). Also, response clusters cannot be exported or shared.

Voting after grouping

To enable voting after grouping, follow the same process as to enable voting on an Open Ended question. You can see the steps here or you can watch this video:

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