In case your audience enters undesired words that haven't been captured by our Profanity filter, or you simply want to remove addressed input or tidy up the results before exporting to PDF, you can remove input from Word Clouds and Open Ended questions. This can be done either in the Mentimote or directly on your presentation screen.

Remove input via Mentimote

When using the Mentimote on a Word Cloud or Open Ended slide that has received responses from the audience, press "Moderate answers" in the left side panel to open a window where you can see all responses. Remove unwanted answers by pressing the crossed out circle next to each response.

If you remove something by mistake, you can simply restore it again by pressing the reload icon next to deleted answers (now displayed in red at the bottom of the list). You can also restore all responses by pressing the "Reset moderation" button.

Remove input in Presentation view

You can also remove input directly in the Presentation view:

  1. Start by closing the voting

  2. Click on the word that you want to remove

Restore a deleted entry in Presentation view

Accidentally removed an entry you didn't mean to? Don't worry you can recover any removed entries in the Presentation view:

  1. Start by closing the voting

  2. Open the Presentation menu at the bottom right of the window

  3. Go up to the "Restore removed inputs" and click on any your wish to restore

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