When you add question types which let the participants type in free-text answers, you run the risk of someone in the audience entering improper words that you would not like to display in your Word Cloud or Open Ended question.

Mentimeter has a free profanity filter that you can select when you create your question. Just select one or more languages from the list in order to filter out profanities from those languages.

How it works

For each language, Mentimeter has a user-generated list of words that replaces any bad words with "@!#*!$".


To avoid the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scunthorpe_problem, the profanity filter does not take away combined swear words, or non-profane words that contain a string of letters that are shared with a profanity.

Also, it's unfortunately impossible to keep up with people's creativity of coming up with new profanities. If you're concerned about what the participants will enter, you can try using any of our other question types instead.

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