To invite colleagues to your Mentimeter organization:

  1. Click on 'Your team'
  2. Key in their email addresses
  3. Your colleagues will receive an invitation link to join your subscription

It is recommended that your colleagues have already registered a Mentimeter account with a valid email address when you send out the invitation, to ensure a smoother on-boarding.

This is how the invitation email to your colleague looks like:

When the invitee clicks the link this will meet him/her:

At any point in time, if you wish to remove or switch out a colleague from your Mentimeter organization, click 'Cancel invitation' or 'Downgrade'.

Bonus 1:
One of the features for Mentimeter for Teams is that colleagues can share presentations as templates with one another to facilitate knowledge sharing. To do so, you would first need to add colleagues according to the above process.

Bonus 2:
If you want to change the name that is written above as "Join Hanna de la Torre to..." you just need to change your Profile name. 

Go to Account -> Profile settings and change your name. Then press "Save changes":

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