If your organization has a Team or Enterprise subscription, you can join your team in two ways: via an invitation link, or via a join page.

  1. Receive or request an invitation from your team's admin

  2. Once you've received the invitation to your email, follow the link in the email to the page where you can join

  3. You can either join with an existing Mentimeter account or sign up for a new one

How to join via a join page

If your organization has created a customized signup page with Mentimeter, ask your account administrator for the link to this page.

You can also search for this page directly in your account settings:

  1. In your dashboard, click on the settings menu in the top right corner and select “Find my team”

  2. If there's a team available for you to join, you can select "Join this team"

  3. Follow the instructions on the page

  4. Wait for the confirmation email and follow the link to complete verification

  5. You're now part of the team!

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