All our plans are billed annually (except for our Conference plans), so if you want to keep using your Mentimeter account after the year is over, you'll need to renew your subscription. The process for renewing your subscription depends on the payment method you used for your initial purchase.

Automatic renewal for credit card payments

If you purchased your subscription online with a credit card, your subscription will renew automatically before it expires.

If the first renewal attempt is unsuccessful (for example, because the card on file has expired), our system will try two more times over the next few days. This will give you the chance to update your payment information, if necessary. You can check on the status of your payments in the Billing section of your account settings. If all three attempts fail, auto-renewal will be cancelled.

If you wish to resubscribe after this, you can simply wait for the current subscription to expire before purchasing a new one normally on our plans page. Don’t worry, this will not affect your account or your presentations.

Cancelling auto-renewal

You can cancel auto-renewal in your account settings at any time, and continue to use Mentimeter until your subscription expires.

If you cancel auto-renewal, but change your mind and want to renew your subscription after all, you can simply click "Turn auto-renewal on" or wait for the subscription to expire, then purchase a new one normally on our plans page. And just like above, this won’t affect your account or your presentations in any way.

Invoice renewals

If you purchased your subscription via invoice, it will not automatically renew. In this case, you need to request a new invoice via our renewal invoice request form. We will then process the renewal for you and issue a new invoice within the next 2 weeks.

You will receive an email one month before your subscription expires reminding you that the subscription is coming to an end.

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