See your current subscription or plan

Where to find and handle your current subscriptions and payments.

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From your dashboard menu, select your icon in the top right of the page, and then select "Billing" to be taken to your Billing page.

Here, you will able to see all of the information connected to your current subscription, including:

  • Which plan type you are on.

  • Your automatic renewal status.

  • The date your subscription will renew, or expire, on.

  • How many licenses you have, and how many are in use.

  • Your saved payment method, as well as an option to update it.

    such as renewal date, number of licenses and your receipt. You can also update your Credit Card information here.

  • Your Billing history - all of your previous receipts.

  • An option to update your billing address for future receipts.

Do you wish to upgrade to a new plan? Read about how to change plan here!

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