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Cancellation of your Mentimeter subscription
Cancellation of your Mentimeter subscription

Find out how to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription.

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Our subscriptions (both Basic and Pro plans) will renew automatically after 1 year if you pay using a credit card. If you would like to have it for only 1 year, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time in the "Billing" menu in your account settings:

The cancellation only cancels the auto-renewal - you can of course continue to use Mentimeter until the end of the period you have paid for. Therefore, you can make the cancellation whenever you like.

Reactivating auto-renewal

If you cancel auto-renewal, but change your mind and want to renew your subscription after all, you can simply click "Turn auto-renewal on" or wait for the subscription to expire, then purchase a new one normally on our plans page. And just like above, this won’t affect your account or your presentations in any way.

If you wish to request a refund, please reach out to us at, stating your reasons why you are not satisfied with the service.

What happens to my presentations when my account is downgraded?

All of the existing presentations and results will remain in your account if you cancel your subscription. You will still have access to the free account features but will no longer have access to the paid features (for example exporting results to excel). If your presentation exceed the limitations of the free plan, they will no longer work.

If you change your mind, you can of course repurchase a new subscription again in the future to restore full access to your previous presentations.

You can find more information on our paid plans here:

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