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Can I let the audience vote several times per device?
Can I let the audience vote several times per device?
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By default, your participants can only vote once per device.

If you have a Pro, Team, Conference or Enterprise subscription, you can turn on the ability to have your audience vote several times from one device in your presentation settings. This is only available for presentations set to Survey mode, where users can answer your presentation in their own time.

To allow your audience to vote several times per device:

  1. Go to the Settings menu by clicking the icon in the top left side of the screen

  2. Select Survey under Type of Menti

  3. Toggle "Multiple submissions per device"

However, for Open Ended and Word Cloud, for all plan types, you can give your participants the option to submit responses more than once. When creating those questions, all you need to do is toggle "Multiple responses per person" in the Interactivity tab:

When you have activated that feature, your voters will receive a prompt to submit more answers after they send in their first response for Open Ended or Word Cloud:

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