In Mentimeter's presentation view, all the visualizations are optimized for the screen. Therefore, we have set some limits such that the content you input (text, images, etc) do not get too small or crowded out by one another.

Here are the recommended maximum number of answer options you can set for your questions: 

Multiple Choice - 10
100 Points - 10
Scales - 6
2 by 2 Grid - 10
Who will Win? - 10

And for Quick Slides, the recommended maximum number of bullet points is 7.

You can still add some more options than those stated above, but keep in mind that your presentation looks best if you follow the guidelines.

For Quiz, the maximum number of answer options is 6 so that your audience can see all of them on their smartphone screens. The Image Choice question only supports 8 options - this is to make sure that all images are visualized nicely!

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