At first glance, Quiz questions are very similar to Multiple Choice, as the respondent chooses an option from a list. However, the Quiz is made for participants to compete with each other. It's great to use when you want to create a fun, learning-intense and energetic competition, and define the correct answer(s).

Pro tip: Have several Quiz questions in one presentation to aggregate the score and reveal the final winner at the end!

How to create a Quiz question

  1. Create a new slide
  2. Choose Quiz
  3. Enter your question
  4. Enter the answer options
  5. Choose what option(s) is correct

Change the time to answer if you want - either to give the audience some more time to think, or to add an extra stress element to make sure they stay on their toes... 

There are two different modes for each Quiz question:

  1. Faster answers get more points; participants try to answer as fast as they can and are rewarded between 1000 and 500 points for a correct answer, depending on when they submit their response 🐇
  2. All correct answers get 1000 points; for situations where you want to promote accuracy rather than speed! 🐢

The Leaderboard

After each Quiz question, a leaderboard is added automatically. It will show the top 10 participants once there are results! You can move and remove leaderboards as you like, without losing any results. However, you might want to keep one at the end, or the Quiz won’t have a winner!

How to play the Quiz

  1. Before the first question starts, participants get to enter a nickname
  2. The question appears and the participants need to answer before the countdown ends
  3. Wrong or no answer gives zero points
  4. You can choose to show a leaderboard after each question to show who's in the lead
  5. At the last Quiz leaderboard, the final winner is revealed!

You will also get to see these instructions when you create your Quiz questions.

How to start the Quiz

To start the Quiz, press the "Present" button to the right. You can then see the participants start connecting to your Quiz. At least one person needs to be connected to the presentation in order for you to start the quiz - then start the countdown and the game is on!

Get a vote on your Quiz question

As soon as the countdown has run out, or everyone has voted, the results and the correct answer will be shown. The audience can also see whether they have answered correctly on their phones. Read more about voting on Quiz questions here.

The leaderboard is shown in between questions, and the final winner at the end of your quiz!

Alternatively, you can watch this short video to understand how the Quiz works: 

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