PowerPoint Add-in Troubleshooting Guide

Give your PowerPoint slides the boost they deserve by adding Menti questions to your PowerPoint slide deck.

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This article provides an overview of the most common issues and questions that can arise when using the PowerPoint add-in, along with their solutions.

In this article:

Adding the PowerPoint add-in through the Office365 store

My company has blocked access to the Office 365 Store. Can I still use the add-in?

The add-in is only available through the Office 365 Store. If you receive a message stating “Your system administrator has blocked add-ins from the Office Store”, you will need to reach out internally to check if add-ins can be made available by your admin.

Unfortunately, we do not offer an alternative direct download if the Office Store is unavailable to you.

I can’t see the add-in in my PowerPoint app even after our IT-Admin has installed it for the whole organization. What should I do?

Try refreshing the add-in.

Refresh add-ins

Be sure to double check if your set-up meets our requirements.

I receive an error message, stating “ADD-IN ERROR: The add-in is no longer supported in the application”. How can I resolve this?

This error message is an indication that your version of PowerPoint is not meeting the requirements of our add-in. In this article you can find the minimal requirements to run the add-in.

Minimum PowerPoint versions that the add-in supports are:

  • Windows: Version 2111 (Build 14701.20060)

  • Mac: 16.55 (changed from 16.0)

  • PowerPoint Online: Not supported

  • Office On iPad: Not supported

  • Office on Windows (perpetual license, this is legacy): Not supported

You can check which version of PowerPoint you are using here:

For Mac:

Check version Mac

For Windows:

Check version Windows

Check version windows 2

After installing the add-in, the page is blank when we insert the add-in on a PowerPoint slide.

Log out of your Microsoft account in the PowerPoint application and then log in again. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in this article. If this does not resolve your issue, please check what version of PowerPoint you are using, as it possibly does not meet the requirements of our add-in.

What about security? Will data from my PowerPoint presentation be stored somewhere?

The add-in does not read or store any of the content from your presentation. The add-in does require read and write access but this is only used to store an ID of the Mentimeter question added to the PowerPoint presentation.

Creating slide within the PowerPoint add-in

I receive an error message saying “Something went wrong when creating the Menti”. How can I continue using the add-in?

If this error message pops up, you can follow these steps. Please check after every step if you are now able to add your Menti slide successfully.

  • Restart PowerPoint.

  • Log out of your Microsoft account in the PowerPoint application and then log in again. Instructions here.

  • Refresh the add-in in the add-in window (and then re-add the add-in to the slide).

Refresh add-in
  • Clear web-cache and reload the add-in. NOTE you will be logged out when you do this.


  • Click on the add-in window and then on the “i”.

  • Select Clear Web Cache:

Clear cache Mac


  • Open the controls (the arrow might not be visible at first, Clicking out-side the add-in and then inside should make it show).

Clear cache Windows
  • Select “Attach a debugger

  • A new window pops up (size could be different). Find the “Application” tab.

Application tab
  • Find “Storage” and open the drop down. You should see a mentimeter.com URL

  • Click the URL. You should see a list showing on the right side.

Check URL
  • Clear all by clicking the highlighted button. This list should be empty after clearing.

Clear all
  • You might need to reload the add-in.

Reload add-in

When using an existing Menti, I receive an error message saying “This Menti is not supported in PowerPoint”

It seems you might by using a Slide type that is currently not supported in our add-in. These are the slide types that are supported:

Select slide type

If you want to use another Slide type, you can click on “Switch to the old add-in” as this will enable you to link to other slide types.

NOTE: since our old add-in is no longer supported, you might experience technical issues when using it, like your audience not being directed to the correct slide, or results not coming in in real time. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help if you encounter these issues.

The add-in says that I do not have access to create questions in this Menti. How do I get access?

When you want to create a new Menti slide directly into a PowerPoint slide deck, you need to first log into your Mentimeter account. After adding the slide, a new presentation is created, titled “(PowerPoint Presentation) - dd/mm/yyyy”. This presentation is only accessible in your Menti account, under ‘My presentations’.

If you then share your PowerPoint slide deck with a colleague, for them to edit or present it, they will not have access to this Menti, as it is only available in your account. To resolve this issue, make sure to either invite your colleagues to collaborate with you on the Menti (this feature is available in our Pro and Enterprise plan). Alternatively you can share the Menti presentation with your colleague and have them re-add the slide, by clicking on “Use an existing Menti” and then adding the Menti slide again.

To share a Menti presentation with your colleagues, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your Menti presentation (titled “(PowerPoint Presentation) - dd/mm/yyyy”) as if you are going to edit it

  • Copy the full website URL shown in the browser

Copy presentation URL
  • Send this link to the colleague you are working with (NOTE: this colleague needs to have a Menti account as well).

  • When they open the link from their logged in account, this is what they will see:

Copy to your account
  • When clicking 'Copy to your account', a new copy will be made to their dashboard. They can then re-add this slide to the PowerPoint slide deck.

Is it possible to embed a full presentation from Mentimeter when using the add-in?

No, that is not possible. For every Menti slide you want to present in your PowerPoint slide deck you will either have to create a new Menti or use a slide from an existing Menti.

Presenting with the PowerPoint add-in

'Start Menti' button is not working
When presenting a Menti slide in your PowerPoint slide deck, you need to click the 'Start Menti' button to activate your slide. Make sure to first click on the slide itself, before clicking the 'Start Menti' button.

When using two screens, you need to click the 'Start Menti' button on the second screen in order to activate the slide.

Can I use Menti hotkeys while using the add-in?

Hotkey commands are unfortunately not available when you are using the PowerPoint add-in.

You can change your lay-out preferences under the design tab, and for example show or hide the voting instructions by toggling the button.

Layout preferences

While presenting you also have the option to Show/hide results or Show/hide QR by hovering over the slide you are presenting and clicking on the icons:

Hide results

Hide voting code

If the QR code is covering your incoming results, you can simply click on the ‘X’ to close it again:

Hide QR code

Couldn’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out to our support team!

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