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How to set up admin approval for colleagues who wish to join your team
How to set up admin approval for colleagues who wish to join your team

Give admins the authority to approve or ignore the request when colleagues want to join your workspace,.

Written by Sara Andersson
Updated over a week ago

Enabling the requirement of admin permission for colleagues to join the workspace ensures that they need admin approval before joining. Colleagues can request permission to join either by using the invitation link or through the "Find available teams" page. By default, this setting is disabled, and no admin approval is necessary.

Note that prior to joining a Mentimeter team, we always prompt users to verify their email address. Also, If your organization has an SSO Enterprise subscription, we do not currently support an admin approval process.

How to enable admin permission

  1. Going to your Team Settings as an admin, you will find Joining the Workspace under the Permissions section.

  2. Clicking the toggle will enable admin approval as a requirement when colleagues request to join your team.

  3. With the toggle enabled, colleagues can now request to join your workspace, either by the invitation link from the invite modal or via the Find Available Teams page, depending on your Workspace Discoverability settings.

How to approve requests

When a colleague has requested to join your workspace, all admins will receive a notification via email. In that email, click the blue Invite to Workspace button, and you will be redirected to Mentimeter where you can accept the request. If you don't want to accept the request, you can simply ignore it. The request will automatically expire after 30 days.

Once you have clicked the link in the email, you can accept the invitation by clicking on Invite in the Invite Team Member modal.

Another option to approve requests is to go to the Manage Members page. To access it, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your dashboard and select Manage Members from the dropdown menu.

In the Requests tab, you will find all the open requests from your colleagues. To accept the request, click on Invite. If you wish to decline the request, you can simply ignore it, and it will automatically disappear after 30 days.

Keep in mind that accepting a request will always result in a paid license being occupied.

You can read more about the Find Available Teams page and how to join a team in this article: How to join a workspace.

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