If you have several Multiple Choice questions in your presentation, you can use segmentation to present the results according to what the participants have voted for on another question.

In the example below, you can see a Multiple Choice question that is segmented according to what the participants have answered in a previous question (asking for their gender).

Some interesting use cases for segmentations are:

  • Group people according to specific attributes, and analyze subsequent questions based on those attributes

  • Assign participants in groups or teams and see how the responses from each group differs, or which team has the most accurate answers!


To use segmentation, make sure that your presentation meets the following conditions:

  • There are at least two Multiple Choice questions

  • No more than 10 answer options each

  • Only allow the audience to vote on one option for those questions

Choose segmentation in the Edit View

To pre-set segmentation when you edit your questions, check "Extras" for your Multiple Choice question. Under 'Choose segmentation', you can pick which question you wish to conduct the segmentation.

Choose segmentation in the Presentation View

To segment the votes live in the Presentation View, open the presentation view menu (the cog wheel icon in the lower-left corner), choose Segmentation, and choose which question you want as the basis for the segmentation.

In the example below, you can see which is the participants’ favorite season, segmented according to whether they have used Mentimeter before or not.

Note that in case you have smaller groups, you should notify your audience that you may be able to connect certain answers to certain people. As a presenter, you are responsible for the potential collection of personal data.

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