Show the voting instructions with an Instructions Slide

Give your audience quick and easy access to your presentation with Instructions Slides.

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Adding an Instructions Slide to your presentation allows voters to easily join your presentation. This slide type clearly displays voting instructions and gives voters the option to join via and a voting code or by scanning the QR code.

How to add an Instructions Slide while presenting

You can bring up the voting instructions at any time while presenting by pressing the keyboard shortcut ‘I’ or via the Presentation Menu:

How to add an Instructions Slide from the editor

1. In Edit View, click the +New slide button in the top left.

2. Scroll down to Content Slides and click on the Instructions slide.

3. Add a title or heading to the slide (optional).

And that’s it! You can add this slide at the beginning of the presentation to make sure everyone is ready before you get started, or at any other point throughout the presentation when you think it might be useful (after a break or intermission, for example).

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