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Can I get help from Customer Support?
Can I get help from Customer Support?

How to reach out to us if you have questions, queries, or are experiencing any issues with Mentimeter.

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If you're new to Mentimeter and need some help getting started, we have a few recommendations:

  • Continue exploring our Help Center to find any information on specific features or information you need help with.

  • Check out our Mentimeter Academy - where you can take courses for free on how to use Mentimeter. We offer beginners courses for those starting out, as well as an intermediate course for those who know the basics. For teachers, we also have Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Engaging All Students.

  • You can also check out our Webinars and register for upcoming ones. We host monthly Q&As where you can ask our Menti Gurus any questions you have about Mentimeter, presenting, or audience engagement. We also have specialized Webinars for all sorts - for organizations, for teacher and educators, or for intermediate users, so we recommend checking out what we have on offer.

  • You can check out our Video tutorials on YouTube to get an idea of how Mentimeter works as well as watch recordings of previous Webinars.

If you were unable to find the answer to your questions above, then you're always welcome to reach out to our Customer Support team. You can reach them by emailing at, or by starting a live chat by pressing the speech bubble at the bottom right of your Mentimeter account.

Please keep in mind we do not offer phone, zoom or on-site support.

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