At Mentimeter, we want everyone to be heard during presentations. You can find detailed information about accessibility and download our VPAT for on

When you create your presentation

Question types

Quiz Competitions are time-based. Remember to allow a longer time to answer questions when there is a lot of text to read, or if you want the audience to type their answers. You can change the time on each quiz slide with "Time to answer".

Image showing where to set the time. Content > Extras > Time to answer

Using images

When you upload an image to a question or as an option in Multiple Choice questions, we recommend that you describe the image in the "Alt text" field. This alternative text doesn’t show in the presentation or in the audience's devices, but is read with screen-reading software for those that use it.


In (the page the audience use to vote), the Theme background, text color, and first bar color are used. When making your own theme, make sure that you have enough contrast (4.5:1) between the background and text color, as well as the background and bar color. The bar color is used for most of the buttons in, and the text color on the buttons will either be black or white depending on which of them contrasts more with the button.

When you present

Account for color-blindness

Do you usually say things like "look at the green chart"? Try to not only mention color as a distinguishing factor.

Comparison of two pie charts. Left chart is without color-blindness. Right chart is with green color-blindness

👆 Comparison of two pie charts. Left chart is without color-blindness. Right chart is with green color-blindness.

Repeat what you see on screen

Most people have at some point been in the back of an audience and experienced troubles following what's said on the screen. Instead of just pointing at for example an open-ended input, repeat what's actually written before you comment on it! This will also help those who might be distracted to get back into the conversation.

Using with a screenreader is keyboard operable and includes additional aria-labels and alt text (if the presenter has provided this information) for the voter to understand the interface.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or feedback regarding accessibility in Mentimeter!

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