Where to access the receipt (paid invoice) for your Mentimeter purchase
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Once you have completed your purchase using a credit card, you can download the receipt directly from the confirmation screen. Simply click "Download receipt" to download it as a PDF document:

The receipt will also be sent to your email, and you can also access your receipt again at any point in your account settings.

Note: the receipt can only be retrieved from the account where the purchase was made.

How to access and download your receipt

1. In your account, click the menu at the top right of your dashboard and select "Settings" in the dropdown menu:

2. From the Settings Menu, select "Billing" on the left side.

3. Under "Billing history" you can see your plan information, payment method and transaction history:

4. Click on the "Open" link for the transaction you want.

5. A new tab will appear where you can download your receipt as a PDF document:

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