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A Purchasing Guide for Resellers
A Purchasing Guide for Resellers

Find out what information is needed to purchase Mentimeter licenses as a reseller.

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Information for resellers can be found at:

At Mentimeter, we do not offer reseller programmes or discounts for resellers. We only provide discounts based on the number of licenses purchased. The pricing for all our plans is stated on

Purchase orders

We only process purchase orders for Pro, Team and Enterprise plans. 

The Basic plan is only available as a self-service product and the payment option available is credit card, purchased via

Invoice payable via wire transfer

Invoice orders are for purchases that will be made via bank or wire transfer (SWIFT or IBAN for international payments). We only provide payment via invoice for Pro/Team/Enterprise subscriptions.

If you would like to send us a purchase order, please make sure you have fulfilled the following requirements:

Firstly, please state whether the customer you are purchasing for would like to create a new subscription, extend an existing subscription or add more licenses to an existing subscription. 

Secondly, please ensure that the end user has created an account on if they have not done so previously, and explicitly state the end user's email address to be upgraded in the purchase order.

Lastly, make sure you have ALL the required information below.

Name of company that is ordering the invoice:
Street address:
Postal code:

Name of plan and Number of licenses:
Email address connected to the license (It must be a registered Mentimeter account on ):
PO number/reference (if applicable):
Other info that needs to be stated on invoice from customers side (if applicable):
VAT number (if applicable):

If no VAT number is provided, we are obligated to add 25% VAT due to Swedish Corporate Law unless you are not located in the EU. 

Once completed, please send all purchase orders to We will then process your order within 3-4 working days, upgrade the end user's account before sending you the invoice.

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