If you want to combine Mentimeter with an external presentation, you can learn about different presentation integrations in this article: PowerPoint add-in and integrations.

Mentimeter works best when used directly in the web browser, but if you prefer to add your Mentimeter questions to an existing PowerPoint presentation via our add-in, follow these simple steps below.

How to use the Office 365 plugin:

1. Download the Mentimeter add-in

Firstly, download the PowerPoint plugin from the office 365 store here. It will require you to have an Office 365 account and PowerPoint 2020 or later installed on your computer.

2. Insert the Mentimeter add-in

Next, open up your PowerPoint presentation on your computer. Add a new blank slide to your presentation, click the 'insert' tab and select 'My Add-ins'. From this list, select the Mentimeter add-in. The add-in will appear on your slide as an interactive image, you can move the box around and drag the corners to adjust the size.

3. Copy the unique slide URL

Now, log in to your Mentimeter account in your web browser and open your Mentimeter presentation. Select the slide you want to to add, and copy the unique URL as displayed in the image below:

4. Paste the slide URL in the Mentimeter add-in

Lastly, go back to your PowerPoint presentation and paste (Ctrl + V) the slide URL in the ‘slide link’ text field and click the ‘select’ button.

That’s it, you will now be able to present your Mentimeter slide and receive votes.

Note: The Mentimeter slides have to be added one by one, so for every slide you want to add, you will need to repeat all 4 steps above.

Useful tips:

  • Due to PowerPoint limitations we recommend adding no more than 5 Mentimeter slides in your presentation.

  • Hotkeys will not work when using the plugin.

If you have any further enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@mentimeter.com!

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