Mentimeter works best when used directly in the browser, learn about the different ways to combine Mentimeter with any external presentations via this article!

If you are required to use Mentimeter with your Powerpoint presentation by using our plugin with Powerpoint 2016 and your Office 365 account, here is how to use the plugin.

1. Insert the Mentimeter add-in.

Firstly, create your Mentimeter presentation on
Go to Powerpoint and click 'insert' on Powerpoint and select 'My Add-ins'. Select the Mentimeter add-in from there. The plugin works like an image, so drag the sides of the plugin to make it fit the presentation screen.

2. Select the question you wish to add.

Log in to your Mentimeter account and select the presentation you are going to use. Choose the question you want to display on your slide.

To display more questions, you would need to add a new slide and repeat the above steps again.

3. Present and activate each question as you move along.

Go to 'slide show mode'. As a way to ensure that the plug-in works as per normal and the results show up live, please DO NOT press 'activate' on any of your slides before presenting.

You are required to activate each question manually as you move along your presentation in order to push the voters to that question. You can only have one question active at the same time. When you wish to allow your participants to answer the question during your presentation, click 'activate'.

Note that you would have to press 'activate' in the 'presentation' view and NOT the 'presenter' view.

If you make any changes to your Mentimeter presentation, do remember to press 'right click' and then 'reload' to update the presentation.

Here is a short video tutorial on how the plugin should work:

If you have any further enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at!

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