Mentimeter works best when used directly in the browser, learn about the different ways to combine Mentimeter with any external presentations via this article!

If you prefer to add your Mentimeter questions to an existing PowerPoint presentation via the add-in follow these simple steps:

1. Insert the Mentimeter add-in

Firstly, create your Mentimeter presentation on and copy the URL when viewing the slide you wish to add.

Go to Powerpoint and click 'insert' on Powerpoint and select 'My Add-ins' > Select the Mentimeter add-in. You will then be able to log in to your Mentimeter account:

2. Add the desired slide

Paste the URL of the Mentimeter slide (the link you see at the top of the web browser) directly into the ‘Slide link’ field and click ‘Select’:

Your slide will then appear in your presentation:

To display more questions, you will need to add a new slide and repeat the above steps for each question. If you wish to change the slide to a different question click the 'Switch slide' button in the bottom left corner and add the desired slide link into the field.

Due to PowerPoint limitations we recommend adding no more than 5 Mentimeter slides in your presentation.

If you have any further enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at!

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