You can join your Mentimeter organization using one of the following two methods: 

1. Recieve or request an invitation from your team's admin

To join your team's Mentimeter organization, you should receive or request to receive an invite. The email you will receive will look like this:

You should then click on the link in the email and land on the following page, that will direct you further: 

Just select 'Join subscription' to access your account. Now you're all set to start using Mentimeter as part of your organization.
For more information about how to invite colleagues to your Mentimeter organization, please refer to:

It is recommended that your colleagues have already registered a Mentimeter account with a valid email address before you request or receive your invitation, to ensure a smoother onboarding.

2. Sign up via your organization's customized signup page

In some cases, your Organization may have a customized signup page with Mentimeter. Ask your account administrator for the link to this page.

Learn more about customized signup pages and Mentimeter for teams

Finally, you can always contact us for further assistance at

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