With Mentimeter it is possible to use the same presentation several times (i.e. in different sessions) with different audiences. It is also possible to collect and compare answers from each time the questions are asked to an audience in order to identify trends. 

We have a function called "Ask questions again" that resets the presentation and starts a new round of voting. The previous results are stored and can be exported or seen again in the presentation view.

To use the "Ask questions again" function, select present when you are editing your presentation. Then open the presentation settings by clicking the 'cog' icon on the bottom left side of the screen, then click "Ask the question again" as shown in the image below to enable this function.

Once you have collected your answers from different sessions, you can access and compare the historical data. To see your historical data, press present, open the presentation settings menu, click “History & trends” and then choose any of the previous sessions or click “see trends”, as shown below: 

For the Scales question, we also have a visual representation of how the results change over time. See the screenshot for an example of what that can look like:

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