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Add a Timer to Your Slides

Add a countdown or a timer for activities, breaks, or to count down until voting closes.

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If you want to use a timer during your presentation, whether it be to give your audience time for a coffee break, to have a countdown indicating when your presentation will start, or a timer for breakout rooms, we have two ways to add a timer to your slides.

Add a quick timer to count down until voting closes on your question slides

If you want to give your audience a defined period of time to finish voting on your slide, you can make use of our keyboard shortcuts to add a countdown instantly to your currently active slide. When the countdown finishes, voting will automatically close on the slide you are presenting. You must be presenting in order to start a countdown.

They keyboard shortcuts for each period of time are:

  • 1: 1 minute countdown

  • 2: 2 minute countdown

  • 3: 3 minute countdown

  • 4: 4 minute countdown

  • 5: 5 minute countdown

  • 8: 30 seconds countdown

  • 9: 10 seconds countdown

  • 0: cancel countdown

You can also mix and match them to get the specific time period to your liking. For instance, if you need a countdown of 40 seconds, you can press '8' and then '9' to get a total combining both options.

If you ever need to remind yourself of the keyboard shortcuts, you can press the 'k' key during your presentation at any time to see all the available keyboard shortcuts:

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