Our Academy and series of courses have been designed to help our students learn more about Mentimeter, how to create presentations, and how to become better presenters. Anyone can sign up for our courses as it is completely free to use.

Introduction to the Academy & Beginner’s Course

Keep in mind

  • The Mentimeter Academy is hosted through the Thinkific platform.

  • To enroll in our courses you must create a new account on academy.mentimeter.com.

  • Singing up and enrolling in our courses is completely free of charge.

  • All of the lessons are self paced so you can go back and complete each chapter at any point. Likewise, you can go back and repeat lessons.

Available Courses

Our "Getting Started with Mentimeter: Beginner’s Course" is currently the only course students can enroll in. We have two more courses in development that we hope to launch by the end of the year. If you are interested in enrolling for our Intermediate and Advanced course you can send an email to hello@mentimeter.com to get updates on launch dates.

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