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Ranking and rating items or allocating points
Ranking and rating items or allocating points

How to vote on Ranking, Scales, 2 by 2 Grid and 100 points questions.

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Ranking items

To rank items with the Ranking question type, the participant starts by selecting items in the select menus. The audience can choose to rank all the items you have provided, or just a few of them. Rearranging them afterwards is easily done through up and down arrows.

Rating items in one dimension (Scales)

To rate statements with the Scales question type, the participant simply drags the pointer to the score they want to assign to a statement.

There's also a Skip button next to every statement, to avoid answering statements that are not relevant to the voter. The number of skips is counted and you can see them in your presentation if you hover your cursor over the particular statement.

Rating items in two dimensions (2 by 2 Grid)

The 2 by 2 Grid works similarly to the scales question type, except that the participants rate each item in two dimensions instead of one.

Just as on Scales, there's a skip button next to each item to skip the rating.

Vote on a 100 points question

Creating a 100 points question is easy, but voting can need a little explanation. Each participant gets 100 points to begin with, and then distributes these points on each individual item using the -10 and +10 buttons. Under each item the participant can see how many points are left, and can move back and forth to change the points before submitting.

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