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Learn how to use the 100 points question type to let your audience prioritize items in real time.

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This question type is based on the 100 dollar method. The 100 points question type lets participants distribute 100 points to prioritize different items. The ratings are shown in percentage, with the most popular choice ranked from the top.

This question type is good to use when you already know what items you want the participants to prioritize, and you want to allow them to express their opinions in detail. It also urges the audience to determine what items are the most important, since they are distributing a limited amount of points!

How to create a 100 points question

  1. Add a new slide

  2. Choose 100 points

  3. Fill in your question

  4. Enter items to rate

Get a vote on your 100 points question

This is how it looks when you get a vote. The items will rearrange themselves according to the number of points received. You can read about voting on 100 points questions here.

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