With the Scales question type, participants can rate statements on a scale. This is good to use if you have questions with numeric answers, want the audience to rate something, and/or if you want to generate statistics that you can use for analyzing trends and tendencies.

Pro tip: Let the audience answer several questions with the same scale!

Create a Scales question

This is how you create a Scales question in Mentimeter:

  1. Create a new slide
  2. Choose Scales question
  3. Fill in your heading
  4. Enter statements to rate
  5. (Optional) Change the high and low label of the scale

Additional functionality

Likert scales

When typing high and low labels for your Scales question, you will see auto-suggestions appear. Those enable tooltips for the voters; helping them to interpret different numerical values in a Likert scale.

Change result layout

The default way of displaying the results is as Sliders, but you can also present your results as a Spider Chart (also called Radar Chart). Note that this can only be used for Scales questions with three or more statements!

Get a vote on your Scales question

When you get a vote, it will slide from left to right corresponding to the participant's answer. You will also see the distribution of votes as a graph just above the specific lines. With more votes, the number in the circle will show the weighted average of all the votes. You can read more about voting on Scales questions here.

If you want to see the exact distribution of votes, you can move your mouse cursor over the lines. This is not possible with the Spider Chart layout.

Next step, let your audience rate items in two dimensions instead of one! Use our 2 by 2 Grid in order to do that.

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