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2 by 2 Grid

Let your audience rate items against two dimensions with one of our most sophisticated question types.

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The 2 by 2 Grid is similar to the Scales question type, except that participants rate each item in two dimensions instead of one. The results are then displayed as a weighted average in a 2 by 2 Grid. Use this when you want the participants to rate something along two axes.

Create a 2 by 2 Grid

This is how you create a 2 by 2 Grid with Mentimeter:

  1. Create a new slide

  2. Choose 2 by 2 Grid

  3. Fill in your heading

  4. Enter items to rate

  5. (Optional) Enter axis names and labels

Change grid layout

You can change the grid layout or background of your Grid to put the results in a context under the "Content" tab. If you have uploaded your own background on the Branding and Logo page, it will show up here. You can also change the grid layout via the presentation settings menu when presenting.

Get a vote on your 2 by 2 Grid

When you get a vote, it will animate and stop at the coordinates that the participant has chosen. When you receive more votes, the coordinates will correspond to the weighted average of each item. Read about how to vote on a 2 by 2 Grid here.

Hover to see specific answers

If you want to see the exact coordinates of individual votes, you can move your mouse cursor over the circles. This works as a graphical representation of the vote distributions.

With audiences of 50 or more the distribution will not expand upon hover. You can instead view the breakdown with a paid account and exporting the results to excel.

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