For how long is my join code valid?

Find out when your presentation's join code renews and what you can do if you want to send out instructions before the presentation.

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When creating a presentation, a temporary numeric code that is used for participants to join your presentation is generated automatically. The code is only temporary and renews if you leave the presentation idle for 48 hours. If this is the case, the next time you present you will automatically get a new code.

The presentation content and results are not affected by the code changing. The code functions like a key to access the presentation. You get a new key, but the presentation remains the same.

Prolong the validity of the join code

If you need to prolong the validity of the code, open the Share menu and select the Participants tab. From there, you can prolong the validity of the code for 2, 7 or 14 days depending on the type of subscription you have.

Free users can prolong the code for 2 or 7 days, while Basic, Pro or Enterprise users can prolong the code for 2, 7 or 14 days.

How to share the join instructions in advance

To share or print the join instructions in advance, we recommend that you use the QR code or the direct join link. These are unique to your presentation and (unlike the numeric code) always stay the same:

Why does the code expire?

In order to provide an easy way to join live presentations, we need to keep the codes short and simple. This means that the number of codes that can be generated is finite, and hence you won't be able to always keep the same code for your presentation.

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