If you are the owner or admin of a Mentimeter team, you can customize how your team is set up. This includes setting a default theme, deciding how members share results and managing how themes are created and shared.

To access the Team settings page, click on the settings menu in the top right corner of your dashboard and select “Team settings” in the dropdown menu:

Team sign-up settings


If you only want specific domains to be able to find and join your team, you can add these domains in the text field under “Email domains”.

Email invitation setting

Select if you want to restrict the invited person to use Mentimeter only with the exact same email address as you sent the invite to, or be able to join the team with a different email.

Presentation settings

Default theme

Here, you can select a theme that will be used as default for new presentations created by anyone in your team.

Access to results

After participating, the audience can choose to access the presentation results. This setting can be turned off for individual presentations, but here you can choose to disable it for all presentations created by anyone in your team.

Collaboration rights

If you have an Enterprise plan with 50 + licenses you will be able to select who can be invited to collaborate on your presentations – no one, anyone or only members within your team.

Access levels

Share themes

Here you can decide who can create new themes in your team.

  • Only admins and owners. Select this option if you want to restrict the team members to only use themes created by an admin. All users will however still have access to the standard themes that Mentimeter provides.

  • Anyone in the team. Select this option if you want all users to be able to create their own themes.

Team member visibility

By default, only owners and admins can see other active team members. If you want to let all members see who is part of the team, you can change this to “anyone in the team”.

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