Add your VAT number at checkout

How to upgrade your account for VAT exempt organisations

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Mentimeter AB is a limited company, registered in Sweden and VAT-registered under the number SE556892550601.

If you are purchasing a Mentimeter subscription within the EU (or from the UK or Norway), your VAT number can be added at the checkout.

You can get a VAT exemption if:

  1. Your organisation is located outside of the EU

  2. Your organisation is part of the EU (plus the UK or Norway) but you have a valid VAT number 

How to add your VAT number

To add your valid VAT number at checkout, follow these simple steps:

1. Click 'I'm purchasing as a business':

2. Enter your organization's name and add your VAT number:

3. If the VAT number is valid, the tax will be removed from the total amount before purchase:

NOTE: The VAT number can only be added to your purchase at the checkout. If you forgot to add your VAT number, please contact or log in and chat with us directly from your account.

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