Use the Manage Members page within the Mentimeter app to get an overview of all the Mentimeter accounts registered on your company domain. All admins in your workspace will have access to see these accounts once you have verified your organization's email domains through our Domain Control settings.

Once you have verified your organization’s email domains you'll be able to:

  • See and filter all of the Mentimeter accounts registered on your email domains inside the Manage Members page, including Free, Basic and Pro accounts.

  • Invite these users to join your workspace.

  • Export a collected list of all of the users in your organization.

This is currently only available for our customers on the Mentimeter Enterprise plan. You can find out more about our Enterprise plans here.


What will happen if I invite a paying Mentimeter user that already has their own subscription?

They will receive an invite just like any other user, but they will need to cancel their subscription before they can join your Mentimeter Enterprise workspace. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Relationship Manager for further questions.

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