System for Cross-domain Identity Management, also known as SCIM, enables you to automatically add and remove members from your Mentimeter team via your identity provider (IdP). SCIM is only available for Enterprise Plans, and you need to be an admin or owner in order to manage SCIM settings.

Supported features

Via SCIM you can do the following actions:

  • Add new members

  • Remove members

  • Suspend members

  • Re-invite members

  • Update emails

How to connect to SCIM

To enable SCIM for your Mentimeter account:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right corner

  2. Choose Team settings

  3. Go to Connect SCIM and click the expand button

  4. Here you can find your API token and the Base URL needed to connect to your IdP

Please read our API guidelines for more information.

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