Share a presentation with your team
Let your team members gain access to a presentation template you have created.
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With Mentimeter for Teams, you can share presentations that you have created as templates for your colleagues. This is useful if all members in your team need access to the same presentation, together with a customized theme. Here is how the sharing is done!

How to share a presentation with your team

1. Press the button that says "Share template" on all presentations that you want your colleagues to have access to.

2. Your colleagues can find them under Shared templates and copy them to their own accounts by clicking "Add to my presentations".

3. Your colleagues can then find the presentation at their dashboard by clicking on "My presentations". 

If you make any changes to the template of this presentation, such as changing the theme, adding or removing slides or editing the text, the same changes will not reflect in your colleagues accounts if they have copied it to their account as a template.

How to unshare a presentation

If you want to unshare the presentation, go back to the share menu and click “remove” next to the presentation that you want to remove from the shared folder. It will still be available in your account only for you to see.

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