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How to expand your current Mentimeter plan

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If you are a subscription owner, you can easily change your plan type or add additional licences to your plan to take advantage of extra features or collaborate with your team.

Change plan

If you have already purchased a Mentimeter subscription online but wish to upgrade to another plan, simply head over to again and choose another plan.

Add team members

If you would like to add more licenses to you current plan, head to this page, select the plan you'd like to create a Team of, and select the number of users you'd like to add to your subscription.

Purchasing a new plan or adding to a team will apply the upgrade for the remainder of your annual subscription and automatically calculate a discount for any remaining time left on your current plan. The price will be displayed on the checkout before you complete the purchase.

If you originally purchased a Basic Team and you would like to upgrade to a Pro team, you will need to upgrade all of your licenses to Pro. It is not possible to have a Team consisting of a mixture of Basic and Pro licenses.

You can also change plans and add licenses from the Billing page or the Manage Members page.

Note that only subscription owners are able to add more licenses.

Billing Information

If you're purchasing from within the European Union and have a VAT number, don't forget to add your VAT number at checkout before finalizing the payment.

Your receipt will be available in your account after completing the purchase.

If you have any questions on setting up a larger Team or Enterprise account, start a chat with us or send our sales team an email:

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