Mentimeter is compliant with GDPR, you can find more detailed information in our Terms and Privacy Policy (Data Processing Agreement).

The online Terms and Data Processing Agreements cover all our Users (Presenters, Audiences, visitors to our site) and is a legal agreement, valid under GDPR.

Mentimeter avoids storing any Personal Data that is not needed to supply our users with a great experience and gain value from Mentimeter. We have deemed the following to be the minimum amount of Personal Data we need from a User:

  • Presenters' and Customers' name
  • User Email address
  • Customer billing address
  • User IP address
  • User agent

Mentimeter has Data Processing Agreements with all our sub-suppliers and they are all approved under GDPR.

For more details, see our Privacy Policy (Data Processing Agreement).

/Johnny Warström, CEO of Mentimeter

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