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What if I can't log in or access Mentimeter?
What if I can't log in or access Mentimeter?

Help for if you can't log into Mentimeter, can't load presentation or see questions.

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If you are running Mentimeter on a company network, security settings can sometimes limit the use of some features in Mentimeter. This may cause one or more of the following (and similar) issues: 

  • Inability to log into your Mentimeter account

  • Presentations will not load

  • Unable to see questions, in particular, quiz questions

Please send the following information to your local IT support if you are experiencing issues:

  1. Ports 443 are required to be open for the following hosts:

2. Your browser and network need to support WebSockets over HTTPS on the following domains:



For more information about what is needed to run Mentimeter, please visit the Requirements page.

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