Sometimes you might need to add mathematical symbols into your presentation. In order to add symbols simply wrap the LaTeX code in dollar signs ($). Create beautiful math symbols rendering in realtime in your presentations to aid the audience's learning.

Here are some examples:


$\le$ $\ge$  $\div$ $\nparallel$

Greek Letters

$\alpha$ $\beta$ $\mu$ $\pi$


$\rangle$ $\langle$ $\|$ $\}$

Other possibilities

Fractions $\frac{1}{2}$ Roots $\sqrt{6}$ superscript $E=MC^2$ subscript $x_2$

Insert math formulas into your question fields, title fields, content slides, headings, paragraph and bullet points to elegantly display mathematical equations or formulas in your presentations. The symbols will also appear on the participants phones when they use the presentation code on

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