Multiple Choice, Image choice, Quiz and Who will win? questions are all based on the same principle: the audience picks an option from a list and submits the response.

That's basically as easy as it gets!

There are however a few small differences depending on what question type it is:

Image Choice: see image thumbnails

With the Image Choice question, there are miniatures of the images next to the options in the audience's phones. Clicking on those increases the size.

Multiple Choice and Image Choice: choose more than one option

If you allow the audience to vote on more than one option, this is how it's represented in the phone: checkboxes to indicate that the participant can select multiple options. This feature is not supported by Quiz or 'Who will win?' question types.

Quiz: competition

Even though the voting procedure is quite the same for Quiz and the other question types mentioned in this article, there are some important differences. The Quiz is a special question type made for the participants to compete with one another, and the procedure for the voters is as follows:

  1. Enter the Quiz (connect to the presentation as usual)
  2. Get an avatar assigned randomly
  3. Choose nickname or use the suggested name
  4. Answer the question (before the time runs out...)
  5. See if they answered right or wrong
  6. See what place they are in
  7. If you have several quiz questions in your presentation, the results from all questions will be accumulated to determine the final winner!
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