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Use the Traffic Lights slide to gauge how your audience is feeling.

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If you want to gauge how your audience is feeling, or get quick insights on what your audience thinks about your topic, you can use our Traffic Lights slide. See examples on usage of our Traffic Lights slide further down.

How to get the Traffic Lights slide

The Traffic Lights slide is part of our Slide Library, where you can gain access to new slide types. Please check out this article to learn how to add this and other slide types to your account: Add more variety to your presentation with the Slide Library

Create a Traffic Lights question

Here's how you can create a Traffic Light question in Mentimeter:

  1. Create a new slide

  2. Choose the Traffic Light slide type under "Popular question types"

  3. Fill in your question

  4. Enter your three options

Getting responses

Once you receive responses on your Traffic Lights question, the amount of votes for each option will appear as a percentage within each color on the traffic lights. You can also choose to have this display as the raw input instead.

Examples of how to use Traffic Lights

Mood Check-In

You can check in with the mood of your audience with three simple options:

  • Bad

  • Alright

  • Good

Level of Understanding

After discussing an intense topic, you can check in with your audience to see everyone's level of understanding in case you need to go over things once again.

  • I don't understand

  • A recap would be helpful

  • I understand

Time for a break?

During longer presentations, you can check how people are feeling, if it's time for a coffee break or if everyone's good to keep going.

  • Let's stop for now

  • Let's take a 5 minute break

  • Let's continue

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