If you're looking to add some fun to your presentation or want to try out a new layout, the Slide Library is the place to look!

How to add slides

When creating a new presentation or editing an existing presentation, browse the collection of slides to find more slides under the “+ Add more” buttons.

Click + add more from the

Click one of the buttons and you will enter our “Slide Library” with 10+ additional slides. Here you can explore new slides and if you hover any slide, you can click a button called “Add slide” to add the slide to your collection of slides you can use in your presentation.

Adding a slide from the editor in the Slide Library

The slide is now added to your collection of slides under the category it is included in i.e. under “Question types” or “Content types”.

Once selected from the Slide Library, the new slide will appear with the regular question types

If you want to see examples and inspiration before using the slide, you can click on “Learn more” to view more information in a new tab.

On this detailed information page, you can read about example content and what slide features the slide contains. Here you can click and “Add slide” to your collection of slides or “+ Use in a new presentation” directly.

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