PowerPoint plugin and integrations
Learn about how you can upload your PowerPoint presentation to Mentimeter and the PowerPoint plugin.
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Mentimeter works best when used directly in your web browser, where you can have full control over the experience. This is also how 99% of our users choose to run their presentations.

There are two options for you to make a full presentation of both questions and slides without needing any integrations:

  1. Upload your PowerPoint to Mentimeter

  2. Combine apps

    If you feel that it is certainly necessary to combine Mentimeter with other presentation tools via integrations, there is another solution:

  3. Powerpoint plugin for Windows, Mac and Office 365

1. Upload your PowerPoint to Mentimeter

If you already have a PowerPoint presentation that you would like to use in Mentimeter. You can easily upload it.

This is how you do it:

  1. Create a new presentation

  2. Select the “Import” button

  3. Choose a file from your computer

  4. The imported slides will show up at the end of your presentation

For a more in depth look at this feature, take a look look at out article about importing a presentation file from your computer.

2. Combine apps

You can easily combine Mentimeter with your PowerPoint presentations, just by using functions that are already on your computer. 

This is how you do it:

  1. Open Mentimeter in your usual web browser

  2. Open PowerPoint (or your other favorite presentation tool) separately

  3. Put both presentations in full screen mode

  4. Close all other programs for a flawless experience

On PC, use Alt + Tab to seamlessly switch between the two programs. On a Mac, use multi-touch gestures (three or four finger swipe) to move between full-screen apps.

3. PowerPoint plugin for Windows, Mac and Office 365

To integrate Mentimeter in a PowerPoint presentation, we have a plugin for PowerPoint 2020 or later that you can download with your Office 365 account. Head over to https://www.mentimeter.com/app/powerpoint to read up on how to download and install it. If you need help, we also have an article with instructions on how to use the plugin!

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