With Mentimeter, you can present your slides with two different paces, depending on whether you want to control the pace in which the audience moves through the presentation or not.

This is how the two different paces work:

Presenter’s pace 

With Presenter’s pace active, only the slide that you currently show can be seen in your audience’s phones. They will only be able to proceed and vote on the following question as you switch to the next slide in your presentation. 

With this pacing, you can derive the most wow-effect when you stand in front of your audience. You will have full control of when they are able to see your questions or content, and if you want their attention to all be on the same page. Therefore, we recommend you to set this pacing for all your live presentations.

Audience’s pace

With this pacing, your participants will start from the first question and then they are able to proceed to the following slides in their own pace. This is a good option for remote surveys!

You can find the option to change the pace setting when you edit your presentation. Click on the cog wheel icon on the top of the screen to show the presentation settings and choose what voting pace you want.

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