In the free version of Mentimeter, these are the features you get:

  • Maximum of 2 questions (and 5 of the Quiz question type)

  • Unlimited number of Content Slides

  • Unlimited number of presentations

  • Unlimited number of voters

  • Export results in PDF or individual image screenshots

For all the following paid plans, these are the additional features you get:

  • Unlimited number of questions for all question types

  • Export of results to an Excel spreadsheet

Here is a summary of all the paid plans:

Standard Plans

Mentimeter Basic

The simplest paid plan you can get is the Basic plan. If you only wish to get access to unlimited number of questions and export your results, this plan is sufficient for you.

Mentimeter Pro

The Pro plan is great if you want to get more features on top of the Basic plan, such as customization and branding of your presentation, this is the plan to go for.

Mentimeter for Teams

The Teams plan is for the purchase of more than 1 Mentimeter Pro license.

The difference between Pro and Teams is the ability to collaborate with one another by sharing knowledge. Each presenter needs to create a Mentimeter account, and using Team features, presenters will be able to conduct simultaneous sessions as well.

Educational Plans

If you are an educator or student, you are entitled to our educational discounts for Basic and Pro!

Educational Basic

Educational Pro

Enterprise / Campus Deals

Considering more than 10 licenses for your organization, educational institution or university? Visit our Enterprise page to request a quote!

Single Event / One-Month Usage

If you absolutely only need to use Mentimeter for a single event, we have our Conference plans. With Conference plans, you have 30 days of usage from the date of purchase, but you get all the features from Mentimeter for Teams.

If there is only going to be 1 presenter, we would recommend going for the Pro license for a full year instead; this is because you can still use Mentimeter even after your event for the duration of the subscription.

Conference Small

Allows you to add 4 more presenters.

Conference Large

Allows you to add 20 more presenters.

Non-Profit Organization

If you'd like to purchase a single license for your non-profit organization, we offer our educational discounts. If you are considering to purchase more licenses for your team, do contact us at to request for a quote!

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