Who will win?

Learn how to create a playful voting without any second-place or losers, by using the question type 'Who will win?'

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Use the 'Who will win?' question types for making a playful voting where you only want to show the winner(s). The participants get one vote each. If there is a tie, there will be more than one winner, but there are never any losers with this question type!

Create a Who will win? question

This is how you create a Who will win? question with Mentimeter:

  1. Create a new slide

  2. Choose 'Who will win?'

  3. Fill in your question

  4. Enter contestants

Get a vote on your 'Who will win?' question

As your audience vote, all results are hidden. The winner is not revealed until you press the button that says "Show the winner".

When you show the winner, there is confetti!

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