The Image Choice question type is very similar to Multiple Choice, except that you can upload images as answer options instead of only words.

You can use this question type to ask questions that are difficult to translate into text, or to get feedback on graphical elements. Try using it as an icebreaker to create a playful voting session!

Create an Image Choice question

  1. Create a new slide
  2. Choose Image Choice
  3. Enter your question
  4. Fill out answer options and add images

Easy as pie!

Just like in a Multiple Choice question, you can choose whether to show results in percentage or absolute numbers, or use the result for segmentation.

Get a vote on your Image Choice question

This is how the presentation looks like when you get a vote on your Image Choice question:

Voting on an Image Choice question is quite the same as voting on a Multiple Choice question, but the respondent also sees the images as miniatures on their mobile phones. A simple tap will open the image in a larger format, so don't worry about your audience not being able to see the pictures!

Use this question yourself

So, was this really the cutest kitten? You can use this question yourself to see if the right cat won:

To copy the question, you need to be logged in to your Mentimeter account. Then, press "Copy to your account" and head back to Your presentations to see it!

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