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Allow Your Audience To Type Their Own Custom Answers: Creating Type Answer Questions in Your Quiz Competition
Allow Your Audience To Type Their Own Custom Answers: Creating Type Answer Questions in Your Quiz Competition

Challenge your audience by making them guess the correct answer in free text!

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The Type Answer Quiz is perfect for when you want to test the participants’ ability to figure out the correct answer without having options to choose from! The participants need to type the correct answer (or versions of it, see below!) before the time to answer is up.

You can mix Type Answer slides with Select Answer slides to create a full Quiz Competition.

How to create a Type Answer question:

  1. Add a new slide

  2. Choose the ‘Type Answer’ Quiz competition type

  3. Enter your question

  4. Enter the correct answer. This will show up on the presentation screen when the time to answer has run out or everyone has answered

  5. Optionally, you can add other acceptable answers. These will not be shown on the presentation screen but if a participant enters an answer that matches any of these it will also be marked as correct.

    For example:

    Question: 1+1 is?

    Correct answer: 2

    Other correct answer: Two

This is how it will look when you present the Type Answer Quiz:

Handle correct answers that are marked as incorrect

Once everyone has answered, or the time has run out, all answers will be displayed on the presentation screen. The answers matching the correct (or other acceptable) answers you entered when creating the quiz will automatically be awarded points. You will see the correct answers indicated with green checkmarks, and the incorrect ones marked with red cross icons.

Should you see an answer that is actually correct, but that you didn’t enter beforehand, you can simply click on the cross icon to change its status to correct. There is also an option to hide certain answers that you don’t want displayed. You can also do all these actions from the Mentimote.


Why does my slide doesn't have a leaderboard?

Please make sure that you are using our Type Answer slide instead of an Open-Ended one, as only Type Answer and Select Answer slides are a part of our quiz competition.

How do I provide options for my participants and not ask them to type their own?

If you want to provide pre-set options for your participants, try our Select Answer Quiz Slide.

Why are some of my participants' correct answers being marked as wrong?

Typos, different spelling options or Acronyms can make it tricky for your participants to type the correct answer you have set for the slide. Try setting different options for your correct answer in the Other Correct Answer section. You can always also change the answers from incorrect to correct by clicking on the red 'X' (And change it back by clicking it again).

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