Ranking questions

Use the Ranking question type to let your audience sort and prioritize different items.

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If you want your audience to get a list of items and rank them in a certain order, you can use the Ranking question type.

Create a Ranking question

This is how you create a Ranking question with Mentimeter:

  1. Create a new slide

  2. Choose the Ranking question

  3. Fill in your question

  4. Enter the items that you want your audience to rank

Getting responses

Once you get responses on your Ranking question, the items will rearrange themselves according to the order that the audience have put them in. Items that weren't selected will be displayed at the bottom.

With the ranking question type, the audience can choose to rank all the items you have provided, or just a few of them.

How the ranking is calculated

The ranking question is calculated with a points system, also called "borda count", where the item ranked first will get as many points as the total number of items you have in your question, and then descending. So if you have 5 items, the one put on 1st place gets 5 points and then descending. If an item doesn't get selected it means 0 points.

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