Sometimes, you want to use the same presentation several times - either for the same group of people or for a different audience. Depending on what you want to do with the previous results, there are different actions to take.

Permanently delete the results for a question

You might already have noticed that when you try to edit a question with results, you cannot do certain changes unless you delete the results first. The absolute easiest way to delete the results is to press the button underneath that information message.

You can also delete the results from the presentation view menu.

Delete the results from the entire presentation

If you want to delete the results from all questions in your presentation, one solution is to simply duplicate the presentation in your Dashboard. By doing this, you can save the original presentation and results and just start fresh. This is however not a good solution if you want to keep the same voting code, which is why there is another option for resetting the entire presentation:

Reset the presentation but keep the results for later

In the presentation view menu, you can choose to 'ask questions again'. This saves and stores the voting results, but resets the presentation so that you have zero votes and can start a new session. You can access the results from previous sessions from the presentation view menu.

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